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Lily Bennett and Max Boutwell Draper are Filmmakers and Production Designers from Sydney, Australia. Graduates of the Australian Film Television and Radio School, their practice is focused on the ethos of resourceful filmmaking and their shared interest in Set Design. Adopting lo-fi aesthetics, their films are either constructed worlds, centred around a built set and the discourse that this imagined world elicits or are documentary based, focusing on intimate narratives and peoples of interest with acute spontaneity and an intentionally amateur look.

Most recently, Lily and Max were in attendance at World of Co. Residency in Sofia, Bulgaria. There, the two filmmakers worked in association with World of Co. to develop and produce their film 'Branches of a Tree'.

To view any of their films in full, please email them for a private link.



Max Boutwell Draper

Lily Bennett


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