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A Moment Then Three More With Mother And Son


20:11 mins

A Moment Then Three More With Mother And Son is a film that consists of 4 moments in which the dreams of both a mother and son intersect.

In 2016, my father was undergoing treatment for Stage 4 Brain Cancer. Throughout that year, he spent a lot of time in his room. He was reading, writing, painting and drawing, but most of the time he was sleeping and dreaming. His mother, my grandmother, who lived on the other side of the city, and who too was frail and dependant on others to bring her to her son, felt at a great distance from him and would have liked to be closer to him more of the time.

Physically separated in the real world, A Moment Then Three More With Mother and Son envisages a dream world in which the two meet. However, their encounter with one another is not necessarily joyous, but rather reflects the anxieties of my grandmother who was witness to her dying son.



Live Music Safari: LOOP ft. Dead End Film Festival for Melbourne Music Week with live musical accompaniment from Evelyn Ida Morris

By Max Boutwell Draper
Performers: Rosemary and James Draper
Cinematographer: Rex Woods
Sound and Lighting: Jack Jen Atherton and Lily Bennett (Also an Extra)

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